I have been designing and building digital experiences for over 15 years– starting out as a visual designer and (HTML/CSS coder). During this time, many ground-breaking technologies emerged to change the way we design and develop web products. Because of this, I have made the switch to a more intentional and inclusive design process, through user experience (UX).
I am passionate about UX design because not only does it incorporate visual design but also is a rational, scientific approach to creating successful web products and a strategy that engages collaboration and creative thinking for all. UX drives design decisions based on testing and validation rather than assumption and it gives a voice to not only users but also to developers, business leaders and other key stakeholders. 
UX is inclusive and this means also designing for an audience with disabilities or situational limitations. It's important for companies to implement Section 508 compliance in their design. This is why I take the initiative to follow WCAG guidelines and WAI-ARIA web standards that adhere.